There are many different reasons why we might struggle with eating issues

Each person’s history with food is unique.

While I take a non-diet approach to helping you improve your relationship with food, the journey towards healing is ultimately an individualized process that’s likely to look different for everyone.

How Can I Help You?

End Restriction

& Binge-eating

Find freedom from food obsession & learn how to eat intuitively

Make Peace

with Food

Overcome guilt around eating & enjoy eating for both pleasure & nourishment

Build Body


Connect with your body & feel good in your skin

Work Through

Body Image Issues

Are you endlessly trying to “make up” for what you’ve eaten?

Stuck in a cycle of trying to control your body and weight?

Reclaim your balance with a self-attuned approach to eating and your body

I work with individuals who want to stop dieting, feeling out of control and obsessing about food. I can help you improve your relationship with food, overcome body image issues, and learn how to connect with your body and eat intuitively.

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